Friday, September 20, 2013

The Final Post

Friday, September 20, 2013

Six days have gone by since Scotty left our world for a better place. We are very thankful he is no longer suffering and we rejoice in knowing he is with our Lord and Savior. He has earned his angel wings and I am sure he will be watching over us each and every day. September 24th would have been the 5 month mark from the day he received the results from his MRI that he had a tumor on his spine.  From that day on his journey became a roller coaster for all of our family and friends. He fought the disease as hard as his body would allow him.  He never gave up ! The days gone by seem almost like a blur but the exhaustion is real and so is the numbness we are feeling having lost such a great person. His contagious smile and laughter will truly be missed by all of us and we can honestly say we were lucky to have had Scotty in our lives.

Noah returned to school on Wednesday and we realized it was very important for him to return to as normal of a schedule as possible. He misses Scotty very much and speaks of him quite often. We were very proud of him singing at the service the song he and Scotty sang frequently together while riding in the car. "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" . Noah also sang the same song to Scotty on Saturday morning while he visited Scotty for his last time.

Deborah will return to work on October 7. She is busy taking care of all the business issues that is necessary and trying to reestablish a daily routine for Noah. My heart aches for her and we are all trying to comfort her and provide the necessary strength she will need in the days to come.

I would like to thank all of our family, friends, colleagues, and prayer warriors for all your prayers, support, meals, cards, and visits during this ugly journey.  Little did we know back in April the paths the journey would take nor the final outcome. Please continue to pray for Deborah, Noah ,and all of our family members. Please pray that our wonderful memories of all the years with Scotty will provide strength for us and with the Grace of God surrounding us may we endure the days ahead during this difficult time.

2nd Timothy Chapter 4

" I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obiutuary Notice for Boyce Eugene Scott

Arrangements for Boyce Eugene Scott
A Graveside Service will be held Monday, September 16, 3:30pm at Mount Holly United Methodist Church Cemetery followed by a Celebration of Life Service in the Mount Holly Church Sanctuary with the Dr. Reverend Kim Strong and Reverend Thurmond Johnson officiating . The family will receive friends in the Family Life Center following the services and other times at the home at 1039 Eagle Drive and the home of Charles and Annie Garris 570 Bailey Rd. Lancaster, S.C.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

On The Home Stretch

September 12, 2013 Day 139.........

I write this post with a heavy heart but relief at the same time that Scotty will soon be free from this ugly disease.  I am relying on my faith and belief that our God is helping him finish the journey as I sit here in his room.  He is now residing in the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice center. Early Wednesday morning he had fallen sometime in the garage and Deborah found him sitting on the steps. She got him in the house and started assessing Scotty. It was very clear to Deborah he was once again very sick. She called Hospice and they sent someone over. His temperature was102 and he was a bit confused. Nothing appeared broken but he did have a scrape on his back and both arms. It was decided that he needed to come to the Hospice House for further evaluation.  Once we got him transported here he was assessed by the nursing staff and we began to wait for the doctor. In previous days before Wednesday Deborah had noticed some changes in Scotty and she felt his pain had started to increase and he was starting to be more confused at times.  However, he was totally alert at times and it was quite obvious he was protecting Deborah from knowing he was in more pain. The nurses gave him Tylenol for the fever and he began dozing off and on. One time he told us he had just sang a good song! And wasn't he good . As I think back I believe the angels were singing a song with him. The doctor finally came in and checked Scotty and gave us the words we knew one day would be delivered to us. He said his right lung was full of pneumonia again and that the cancer/liver disease had taken over his body. With his history he was sure the pneumonia would be MRSA. With that being said it was now time to focus on keeping Scotty comfortable and he would remain here in the hospice house. The doctor explained to Scotty his condition and with tears in his eyes Scotty shook his head acknowledging he understood what was happening. He ate a few bites of lunch and even ate 2 small cups of ice-cream. We enjoyed a few laughs with him as he faded in and out of sleep. That has been his last food at this time. He is now sleeping all the time and they have placed him on oxygen to make his breathing easier.  He has been resting okay until around 3:30 am and I could tell he was agitated. He did communicate to us he was hurting and he was given some meds. He is now snoozing away.

Deborah is holding her own and trying to keep Noah on a normal schedule as possible. His school has been alerted and they are taking care of him on the school front. He only knows his dad is sick again and in the hospital. His doctor in Charlotte will help Deborah begin to explain to him what is going on with his dad.

Please pray for Scotty to find rest and comfort as he completes his journey. Please pray for strength for Deborah and our entire family as we face the days ahead.

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory."
Psalm 118:14

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Making A List and Checking It Over and Over !

September 8, 2013 Day 135

 Scotty seems to be holding his own right now. He has started to have a little more back pain but seems to be handling it with his medication. Today his voice is very froggy and the laryngitis is back.  His ankles and legs are little swollen but he continues to go up and down the stairs without much trouble. Sleeping at night has become a problem and hopefully that will pass real soon. He continues to clean and do some laundry for Deborah but she had to remind him the other day you have to wash the clothes before you put them in the dryer ! We had a good laugh with that.  He has tried to trim some shrubbery (which he wasn't suppose to do) and Deborah describes them as the cone head shrubs ! He also seems to be determined to make this real long hose for Deborah to water her flowers with and  that has been a two week ordeal ! Deborah calls him Mr. Hosepipe.
 Scotty has made a list of things he wants to accomplish these next few weeks. Poor Deborah ! She is trying to keep up with him and his wishes. They were able to get some much needed repairs to the outside of their house and he is already getting together some information for the next project. :). On Saturday, Scotty and Deborah  had a visit from his Aunt and Uncle from Tarboro, N.C. He had not seen them in 10 years and they were a very cute couple in their 80's. Kristin and I went by and met them and Scotty was so tickled to see them. Today he had visitors from his company out of Columbia and has another group coming from Spartanburg on the 21st to see him. He really enjoys the visits because one of the things he misses the most is seeing his co-workers on a day to day basis. The laughter they bring telling stories about Scotty is a good dose of medicine for all of us ! Scotty is a people person and his days before the "C" disease were filled with traveling from offices to offices in his district communicating with people.

Noah is settling in at Rawlinson Road and is enjoying his teachers. He has a new shadow and they seem to be working very well together. I cannot say enough good things about the team of teachers he has as well as his lead teacher ! The compassion and understanding they have for Noah and his special needs are phenomenal. We all know he can require some extra effort at times and we all just apprciate their willingness to try.

Deborah has a classroom full of 24 first graders. She continues to work to keep things as normal as possible while she can. We know there will come a time when she will need to be out but for now it is a blessing she can continue to teach.

Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers as we continue to travel through this journey!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scotty Goes To School

Sunday August 25th, Day 121

I am so sorry for not posting sooner but my days are filled with teaching, coaching, managing the home front and trying to check in on Deborah and Scotty. They have had a very eventful week and I am amazed at the strength Scotty continues to show each day. On Tuesday I took Noah, Scotty and Grandma on a trip to Rawlinson Rd Middle school so they could meet Noah's teachers and the staff at Rawlinson Rd. Noah did a very good job introducing us to the teachers. Scotty was so tickled to meet his teachers. And the entire staff was so kind and have continued to be so supportive. I am so thankful everyday they are taking care of him.

Wednesday school started and Scotty continued to busy himself around the house. He knows his limits as far as lifting and task he should not do and seems to follow the guidelines he has been given. He says he makes an excellent dishwasher and he tries to help make Deborah a little breakfast. He can work the toaster pretty good ! LOL ! We have banned him from the oven and he has promised he will not try to cook. He has had home visits from his Hospice Social Worker, Chaplain, Doctor, and of course his nurse. He has been very pleased with all of them. He has also had various family members come for visits as well as staff members from several of his offices in his district. He really loves the visits and they are so important to him! He can't wait to tell me about who came and from what office. And I love to hear the stories he tells about them. So if you have time, stop by for a visit. :)

On Saturday Scotty was feeling well enough to go out to eat. Deborah, Noah, and Scotty went to the Longhorn and had a very interesting time ! Noah wanted to order one of everything on the kids menu and he told the waiter he couldn't eat broccoli because he would start throwing up and etc...... Deborah said he went into this long explanation about the broccoli ! LOL! And then Noah ordered a 6 layered dessert and as of today he was still eating off of it. I guess you can tell it has been months since they have been out to eat as a family and Noah was making sure they tried everything !

Today Scotty is battling a sever case of laryngitis and has started taking something for it. He has had this issue off and on since he was dismissed and for whatever reason it seems to be worse today. I told him he talks too much ! LOL!!  So he speaks in a whispering voice. His legs have started swelling some but the poor man hardly rest them so I guess they are reacting to the workout he gives them. Sleep continues to be a problem for him but he says he is not tired so he cannot sleep. The energizer bunny has returned ! My mom would like to chain him down when she visits but I told her that was not a good idea!

As far as Noah goes we all know things will be hard for Noah as changes take place and he is very sensitive to stress levels when they occur. Unfortunately he reacts in a not so good way and we are working to help him make good choices. His ABA therapy is continuing and Deborah was able to secure someone to help get Noah to school through the TLC organization. My mom picks him up each day.

Deborah is back in her classroom with her 24 first graders. She is trying to balance all the needs of her class, Noah, and Scotty. It is amazing what she is doing right now. Her days are quite full and she could not be  surviving without the support and care everyone has surrounded her with.  The cards, visits, meals, grass cutting, Noah care, small fix it task, gift cards etc... have all been so helpful. She is so thankful and so am I for what everyone has been doing.

Please continue to pray for Scotty as his body continues to deal with this cancer and pray he will not be in severe pain. Pray for Deborah and Noah as their lives continue to be affected by this illness and give them the strength to be strong in the days to come.

Psalm 46: 1  "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble "

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Journey Takes A New Path Of Focus

August 14, 2013 Day 110

I have spent the past 24 hours trying to decide how to post this update and what to call it.  I kept thinking about the conversation Scotty and I had in the car as I drove him home from the hospital and it hit me what I needed to title this entry. After all the doctors had given us all their medical opinions and diagnosis on Monday, Scotty decided that his path with this illness needs to focus on QUALITY and COMFORT for the duration of this illness. On Monday the Radiology Oncologist gave him what he called one last "supper duper" dose of radiation to that evil growth on his spine that has decided to grow and completely disintegrate the L4. That is why the onset of excruciating pain returned. He can have no more because it would damage the nerves and cord that would create a whole bunch of ugliness !They finished up his dose of vancomycin and put us in contact with Hospice and Community Care in Rock Hill. Deborah and I met with the counselor on Tuesday morning at the Wayne T. Patrick Center and she( the counselor )went to meet Scotty very soon after we left the center. They had a great visit and from there the wheels started turning. By 6:30 pm Scotty and I were on our way out of the hospital and he was a very Happy Man to be going home. The nurses on the 4th floor said they thought he was skipping one time when they looked up ! His entire attitude has changed and he is a much more relaxed and content person. When transport arrived he was the most happiest I have ever seen him ! I did tell him he had to stay in the wheel chair while I went to get the car. On the last dismissal when I drove up he was standing up helping the security guard direct traffic !! I was lucky he didn't get hit by some maniac !  When we arrived home two intake nurses were already at the house to get Scotty started and of course get the proper paper work filled out. He had a visit today with his assigned nurse and a social worker as well. The support, care, and comfort we have already gotten has begun to provide the much needed assistance we were needing to continue our travels through this journey. Scotty is moving very well around the house and he has found something to eat that really taste good to him, French Toast and BLT's. Bobby went over at lunch today and took him a BLT from Southern Salads.  They had good conversation before Bobby had to return to work. I think tomorrow is cheeseburger day for the both of them ! Scotty is busy looking at some business stuff and trying to plan a small trip to see some of his relatives from his Dad's side of the family. His brother Phillip is trying to arrange the time to take him. He is enjoying the flowers around the house and is making sure the kitchen stays clean. He loves to wash dishes!!

As of today Noah will be attending Rawlinson Road Middle School. We had a very positive meeting with a great group of people who want to help Noah with his transition to 6th grade. I can honestly say our prayers have been answered for him at this time. This is a big relief for Deborah. TLC is helping Deborah find someone to help get Noah to school each day and our Mom will pick him up for now until we can make other arrangements so she can have some time off when she needs it.

Deborah went back to work today and received a very warm welcome by her colleagues. They have been so good to her and she enjoyed planning and focusing on teaching which is what she truly loves to do !

As I close tonight I ask that you continue to place Scotty, Noah, Deborah, and all of our family in your prayers as we begin to travel down the path of Quality and Comfort. Scotty has placed himself in the hands of our dear savior and he knows God is taking care of him.

Romans:8:28  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Isaiah: 41:10 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back To The Fourth Floor

Saturday August 10, 2013 Day 106

Sorry I am just getting caught up on my post but we have been a very busy family trying to meet the day to day needs and  bumps through this day to day journey. Scotty was released from the hospital on Wednesday with a pic line inserted  in his right arm to enable him to continue his vancomycin through an IV at home hoping to rid his body of the pneumonia in the lungs which was diagnosed as MSRA. A swallowing test he took on Monday revealed his thin liquids were not flowing to the stomach therefore he now has to add a substance called thicket to his thin liquids before he drinks them. The liver diseases he has will cause this to happen. They affect the muscles in the esophagus. They diagnosed the rash he had as fungus and he received an external creme for them which seemed to be working.  Swelling had started in his legs and feet but they gave him a shot of Lasik and said that should take care of that. The home health care team had to change due to the assignment of a speech person. Scotty, Deborah, and myself were trained on Wednesday night on how to do the IV. That was a long day and night ! On Thursday Scotty's legs continued to swell and they started weeping. He also started experiencing more back pain that he had not had in many weeks. By Friday morning the pain had escalated and he was unable to get out of the bed. We had to call EMS to help us and to transport him back to CMC Main. Deborah was treated to an ambulance ride and enjoyed her ride with the driver. She said he was very caring and was very concerned about Scotty. We spent several hours in the Emergency Room and were so fortunate to find his team doctors there ready to care for Scotty. They gave him some morphine in the ambulance and that reduced the pain once it entered his system. We had to take a room on the 10th floor but was moved today to the 4th floor which serves oncology patients. Right back where we have been several times before. An MRI was taken this am and blood work was done yesterday. His ammonia levels are elevated so they have started him on meds for that. Palliative care has added another pain medication for him to help with some of the break through pain. The MRI revealed the tumor in his back has enlarged and they will discuss on Monday the possibility of doing more radiation treatments. There was also evidence of some muscle twitching in his legs as well as some interval numbness in his thighs. All of this is probably due to the growth in the tumor. The swelling has gone down in his legs but they are still weeping and some form of rash has developed on both legs. He was able to get a shower on his own today and move about the room with his walker.

Needless to say this has been a BIG disappointment for Scotty and we are praying he can bounce back with the determination to get stronger again. I must say we have all been affected by these recent chain of events and have had to really rely on our faith these past few days. We know God is in control and he knows what is best for his people. He will not let us down in times of trials and suffering and we must go to his word in difficult times such as these. As believers we know there is abundant power in prayer and we are asking everyone to pray for Scotty to physically and mentally be able to overcome these past few days. Please pray for Deborah's strength as she handles all the household duties and business, Noah and his needed issues, and her preparation to return to work this week. Please pray for her safe travels to and from Charlotte. And please pray for the rest of us as we continue to provide support and care for Scotty, Noah,and Deborah.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Continuing To Improve!

Saturday August 3, 2013 Day 99

Scotty continued to improve today. Deborah spent the day with him and they had a good day. They moved him to the 4th floor room 4920. He has been able to get up for brief periods to use the restroom and his oxygen is on 4. If you recall he was on 3 when he was dismissed from the hospital on his last episode. Dr. Sumrall explained to them that the cancer and hepatitis C will cause the reoccurring  episodes of pneumonia. But the good thing is Scotty seems to respond well to the antibiotics. So we are now on the road to recovering from this episode. He will have another test on Monday making sure his food and liquids are going where they are suppose to go and not into his lungs. As of now we do not have any idea when he will be released.

Deborah will stay home Sunday and go out to her school and work in her classroom. She has some colleagues and parent helpers coming Monday to help her finish what she doesn't get done. This is a big help and will be such a relief for her.

Please continue to keep Deborah, Scotty, and Noah in your prayers !

Psalm 28:8 "The Lord is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one."

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Double Cheese Burger Please !"

August 2, 2013 Day 98

 I am happy to report that Scotty was feeling better this morning. His fever is completely gone and his rash was looking much better. His oxygen was on 12 last night and they were able to move it down to 8. He had a broncoscopy at 10:00 am and a Esophagram at 1:30. When he returned to the room after the second procedure he was ready to eat ! He wanted a double cheesburger with lettuce, tomato and mayo, a pack of cheese peanut butter crackers, a dessert cookie and a vanilla shake. He said he was starving. I knew then he was feeling some better. His nurse got him the burger and fries and he did eat most of the burger. He was full after that. As of right now I have nothing new to report and the doctors are waiting for the cultures to grow to reveal what type of pneumonia we are dealing with. In the meantime they are treating him with 3 different types of antibiotics. The doctor did say he had a pretty bad case and they hope to get to the bottom of why he keeps catching the pneumonia. They have determined that his rash is a fungus and they are able to treat it with creme. He did have a few cat naps in between procedures today and Deborah just called to tell me he had the nurse to get her on the phone so he could  check on her and Noah.  Deborah will take him his cell phone tomorrow morning so he can check on everyone and keep in touch with the outside world. Dr. Sumrall the medical oncologist stopped by this afternoon and told us she would be looking at all his test results and get back to us the first of next week about where we go from here. She did say this was a set back in her plans but hopefully he will overcome this pneumonia very quickly. She also pointed out that we had a good team working on Scotty and that he was in the best place for him to get the best possible care.

Please pray for Scotty's body to fight this pneumonia so he can get back home and recuperate. Pray for our safe travels to and from the hospital. Pray for Deborah as she prepares her classroom for the up-coming school year. Pray for Noah to have a peaceful week as he tries to understand why his Dad is sick again.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back To The Hospital

August 1, 2013 Day 97...... Well just when we thought things were moving forward we took several steps back  today! Scotty got up this morning not feeling very well at all. He told Deborah he was okay and for her to go on for her eye exam. Kristin arrives to keep Noah and to help Scotty and she noticed he was not very alert. This was around 9:30. He was very confused and he just didn't seem himself. She called me and I headed over to their house. When I got there I realized he was short of breathe, very hot and shivering all over. His ankles and feet were very swollen and his left knee was swollen. I got the nurse on the phone from the oncologist's office and she had me call the ambulance. I was able to get Deborah and she finished her eye appointment and came right on. Kristin and I immediately started his oxygen he had at the house. The ambulance attendants arrive and they agreed he was too sick for me to drive him. We went to CMC main ER and was there until about 4:30 and they moved him to ICU. They moved him again around 8:30 to the progressive floor unit. They told us with the amount of oxygen he was on he needed to be watched more carefully than if he were on a regular floor.  At this time they are telling us he has a very visible case of pneumonia in his right lung. They showed us the x-ray. They started IV antibiotics and are continuing to evaluate his problems. He has also developed some type of rash and we had 8 doctors tell us today that it was not shingles. So we are waiting to hear what they decide it is. And yes we had seen 8 doctors by the time the night was over and we had to tell his story 8 different times why we brought him in. JEEZ...They were taking him down for a CT scan sometime tonight of his lungs. We hope to know more in the morning. Deborah and I left the hospital around 6:45pm and stopped at a Penn Station in Charlotte for some food and a chance to thaw ! Those hospital rooms and ER rooms are so COLD ! Even the bathrooms make you shiver ! LOL !  I will go up for the early shift while Deborah takes care of some phone calls she needs to make and to situate Noah for the day.

My thoughts today are it is amazing how quick things can change in a matter of hours with one's health. Bobby and I were just over there last night and I took the pictures for the blog. Today he is a very sick man and he needs all the prayers he can get ! WOW !......

Please pray for Scotty, Deborah, and Noah. Also our brother Kenny who will be in CMC main in the am having a heart cath done.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scotty The Energizer Bunny !

July 31, 2013 Day 96

Yesterday was an all day event at the LCI (Levine Cancer Institute) Scotty started out the morning at 10:30am giving his blood to the Medical Oncologist. He was so proud to actually walk from the parking deck where we parked into the center without any help except for his cane. He had his new duds on and he was grinning from ear to ear.(He was so glad his pants were on tight with a belt ! He even had me check the belt when we got out of the car !! ;) :).... Of course we had to wait once the blood was taken before we saw Dr. Sumrall. The hurry up and wait game has now started ! Deborah calls it Slow-vine center ! Ha Ha!  We finally go back to see the nurse and they check Scotty's weight. He is so excited he gained a few pounds and now weighs 170.8. His BP was elevated and his O2 level was good registering a 94%. Dr. Sumrall's nurse comes in and she begins to go over his blood levels and ask if Scotty has any concerns. FINALLY ... Dr. Sumrall comes in with her new PA Jim from Florida and gets right down to business. I see why Deborah likes her. She is a no-nonsense kind of Doctor with a great bedside manner. She and I immediately hit it off. I had missed her each time in the hospital because she always came in the late afternoon when I was already gone. She told us that Scotty was borderline dehydrated and that he needed to drink more water. Jim the PA says at least 1/2 gallon a day. (He looked it up on his smart phone ) Deborah called him out on it !! The man just laughed. I am sure he was thinking what have we got here ! She said his ankles seemed a bit more swollen than last time, which they are, and that she is ordering a CT scan of his lungs. (We are waiting on the call from CMC Pineville for the day and time) She also said she would be speeding up the appointment for Scotty to see the liver specialist Dr. Russo in order to get the ball rolling on the procedure to treat the liver(TACE). He now will be seeing him August 15th instead of August 22.  She said this had proven to be the most successful form of treatment for the liver. Deborah spoke of her concern for him being so jittery and energetic to the point he was starting not to sleep. She refers to him as the "energizer bunny". They decided to cut back on his steroids and hopefully he will begin to settle down more by the evening time. His platelets have dropped from 130,000 to 67,000 but she said she was not concerned with that at this time because his body is battling several things right now. She also told us that medications can alter your platelets.  Scotty showed her a rash he had on his stomach and legs and both Dr. Sumrall and Jim diagnosed him with Shingles ! This is why he has been itching so in these areas. Of course he is on nerve blockers for his back so he is not feeling the pain you normally get with shingles. So now he is on Valtrex to treat the shingles. Dr. Sumrall just shook her head and said OMGoodness  what can you get next ! She told Scotty she wanted him back in one week for labs and he may have to receive some fluids if the level is still down.  She had the nurse come in and do a nose swab and sent us on our way to the infusion center. Scotty would receive Zometa and Deborah and I took off on a mission to find some food ! It is amazing how many medical departments and buildings are connected on that campus. And they have a Starbucks, a Chic-fl-a and a cafeteria. Not to mention several other coffee shops. I will have to say everyone has been very nice to us throughout the center and are very helpful. The infusion took up the appointment time with Palliatative care so the Dr. came to check on us. She saw Scotty while Deborah and I were trying to figure out the maze and told him she would be back. After he finished we dropped by and the doctor came out to chat with us. She agreed to lower the steroid dose some but was so glad to see he was doing so much better with the pain. It is now 3:30 and we are finally on our way home. Thanks to computers the medicine for the shingles had already been sent to CVS and it was ready for pick-up but not before Scotty had a BIG MAC Attack with a chocolate shake ! He was starving !

Today the home health care nurse stopped by and everything seemed okay for Scotty. He hasn't felt as good today but with all the activities of yesterday as well as the Zometa we expected him to be a bit tired. He will continue to see the OT and PT through the Home Health Care organization as well as the nurse.

On another note of family business our brother Kenny White will be entering CMC main on Friday morning for a heart catheterization in hopes of repairing a stint. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for all of us in the coming days and weeks. Deborah and I will be returning to school to work, Scotty will be facing treatment for his liver, Noah will be starting middle school and my daughter Kristin will be returning to Anderson to teach and attend graduate school. We will all miss her ! Needless to say we have a lot going on !

Today Rick Warren had a great devotional Please take the time to read this. As a family we have placed our situations in God's hands and we know through his grace we can develop the strength and courage we need as we move through this journey.

Scotty and Bobby having a good conversation !                           Scotty by the pool   7/31/13